Ronny Someck - Asphalt Dragons

Ronny Someck - Asphalt Dragons
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Ronny Someck was born in Baghdad in 1951 and came to Israel as a young child. With Bachelor of Arts in Hebrew Literature and Jewish Philosophy, he worked as a counselor with street gangs. Now teaching literature, and currently leads writing workshops.

Books: Exile (1976); Solo (1980); Asphalt (1984); Seven Lines on the Wonder of the Yarkon (1987); Panther (1989); Bloody Mary (1994); Rice Paradise (1996); The Revolution Drummer (2001). For children: The Laughter Button with Shirly Someck (1998). In Arabic: Jasmine (1994 Israel); The poem is a gangster's girl (1996 Paris). In French: Nes a Bagdad with A. k. El Janabi (1998 Paris). In Catalan: En paper de vidre (2000 Barcelona). In Albanian: The Sign of the Bite (2001 Tirane). In English: The Fire Stays in Red. In Italian: The Red Catalogue of the Word Sunset. In Macedonian: Wheat (2003 Skopje). Translations to his poems have appeared in Anthologies and Poetry Magazines in 22 languages.

Prizes: Acum (Society of Authors, Composers and Music Publishers in Israel) special Jubilee Price for a special achievement, 1987; Prime Minister's Prize, 1989, 2000; Afrat Prize,1999; Ahi Prize (The Association for the Promotion of Research, Literature and Art, founded in Israel by Jews from Iraq), 1999.

He has participated in many poet's festivals and poet's events

Art: Art that was created by him or after his work: "The wall of bliss", The Artist Museum, L odz, 1993; "Jasmine". Um-El-Fahem Gallery, 1996; "A poem of bliss", Artists-Messengers of peace, Eretz-Israel Museum, 1996; "Rosalia"- "Mini-Arutr", Gubbio, Italy, 1997; "The Razor that cut the Metaphoric Face of Poetry"- Five etchings by Yigal Ozeri ensuing five poems by Ronny Someck, Tel-Aviv Museum, Binet Gallery, Israel, Z Gallery New York, 1997; Nature's Factory, with Benni Efrat, THE ISRAEL MUSEUM ,1998; "Bodies", experimental video & performance (video with 3 poems ) by Amir Cohen. Habima - The National Theatre , 1999; "The Ballad OF alcohol Valley".Haifa International Installation Triennale, HAIFA MUSEUM OF ART.1999; "Markers" - On Outdoor Banner Event of Artists an Poets for Venice Biennale 2001.

Music: "Revenge of the Stuttering child" CD With Elliott Sharp, Tzadik Records, New York, 1997; "Poverty line", CD with Elliott Sharp. ZuTa Music. Tel-Aviv, 1999; "A Short History of Vodka". ZuTa Music-NMC.Tel-Aviv.2001.
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